Tilt & Turn

Tilt and Turn Windows are ideal for small spaces. You don’t need to have the window fully open to let air into your home, you can simply open it slightly by tilting it.

The window that acts like a door – turn the handle 90 degrees to tilt the window and allow air in, or turn it a further 90 degrees and the window opens inwards like a door. The Tilt & Turn Window is a truly versatile system, ideal for many different types of installations – from individual houses to high-spec apartment blocks. Add to that the excellent security, elegant designs and high energy-efficiency and you can see why PVC Tilt & Turn windows are so popular.

Strength & Durability

Our Tilt & Turn windows are used in residential and commercial applications. Reinforced with galvanized steel allowing structural support for larger picture windows or for curtain walls. Simulated divided lites, muntin bars or true divided lites are available for a more traditional look.


The unique design of our Tilt and Turn series provides the diversity of dual action handles that allow windows to be fully open or restricted to a ‘tilt’ position for optimal safety and ventilation. This is ideal for second or subsequent floors.
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